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Are you looking for Feng Shui in Sydney, Lake Macquarie or Newcastle. You have  come to the right place. Karlamanda Bell provides consultations at your home, home office or place of business in Sydney and Newcastle. Consultations are also offered online.

 Are you interested in Feng Shui but unsure how to apply it to your spaces?

Feng Shui is the ancient Asian art of space arrangement, which teaches you what to put where to live an abundant, harmonious and prosperous life.  I help people recognise how their spaces affects them. The art of space arrangement changes how you feel in a space, leading to a happier abundant more productive life.  When you change your spaces you can change your life.

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Home Consultations and Home office Consultations

I analyse the space to see what is going on in your life and recommend changes to create great environments in all life areas to enjoy a happy, prosperous life.

Looking to buy, sell or lease a property

Looking to buy, sell or lease a property I can provide an assessment of the property improvements needed to improve the Feng Shui of the property for best results.

About Karlamanda Bell

FengShui: I am a licensed practitioner of the “9 Steps to Feng Shui system”, developed by Monica P. Castaneda. Feng Shui feels like the missing piece in my interest in space and how people live and work in their homes, home offices and businesses. Feng Shui principles are ancient Chinese principles used to identify good locations for towns and cities and how to design houses and gardens so that people are prosperous, happy and healthy. There is some commonality between Feng Shui and traditional Western Greek, Roman and European architecture and formal gardens. Feng Shui has become very popular in the west.

It is said that the term Feng Shui (Wind and Water), comes from a poem, which describes the ideal conditions of a place where human life could thrive.

The winds are mild • The sun is bright • The water is clear • The trees are lush.

Australia, is very fortunate in having abundant natural spaces that fit this description.


I studied Landscape Architecture at NSW University and Earth Sciences from Macquarie University. I have been an entrepreneur for several decades in sustainable development. Highlights: I created the first Green Building programme, titled, “The Environmental Guidelines for the Summer Olympic and a carbon trading platform Carbonflow Music business: I am the owner and Managing Director of Eastern Suburbs Piano Tuition (ESPT), an agency in Sydney, Australia with more than 25 teachers, teaching piano, singing and guitar.

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